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Our Dog Park is for member use only.


For the safety of the children our Dog Park is 21 and up ONLY.


All dogs must be registered by their owners prior to entering the park.


No dogs under 6 months of age.  All dogs must be SPAYED OR NEUTERED.  NO exceptions.


All dogs must be current on vaccinations for Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella.  You must bring  a paper copy of proof of vaccination.


All dogs must be in general good health and free of ticks, fleas and parasites.


No outside human food, dog food, treats, toys or chews are permitted in the park.


Dog waste must be cleaned up by their owner immediately. Bags and receptacles are provided.


No digging or destructive behavior permitted.


Owners must be within the park and supervising their dog with leash readily available.


All dogs must wear a collar displaying current tags with each dog’s name and contact information.  All dogs must be on leash when exiting or entering the park. All leashes, choke chains, prong collars, head collars, and harnesses must be removed from each dog when entering the transition area to the park.  Only one gate in the transition area may be open at a time.


Small dogs may enter the large dog area of the park at the dog owner’s discretion.  Large dogs may not play in the small dog area of the park unless given approval by the Rangers.


Dogs known to be aggressive will not be permitted in the park.  Dogs who display any type of aggression will be removed from the park IMMEDIATELY.


The Park Rangers may separate dogs, redirect dogs to more suitable play, or physically remove dogs from the Property at any time and for any reason.  The Rangers may employ reasonable methods in accomplishing the foregoing, including, without limitation, the use of squirt bottles, industry standard pepper sprays and/or noise making devices.  Respect your Rangers. If asked to separate your dog, leash your dog, or remove your dog, kindly do so quickly. Ignoring a Ranger’s request may lead to removal from the park by Management.


The Management reserves the right to refuse access to any dogs that the Management believes may pose a risk to other patrons or dogs in the park.


 Owners are responsible and liable for all damage or injury inflicted by their dog(s). Enjoy at your own risk.

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